& Systems Integration


Execution of Software Construction Projects, either for individual needs or for integration, with software packages such as Sap, Oracle, etc.


Its main role is to provide services of design, construction and testing of Applications. This Service consists in incorporating legacy client applications into
the software factory and proposing a process of continuous applications improvement. This service also considers SQA (Software Qualtity Assurance), which has
sophisticated tools for Stressing and robotization of application tests.



Java-.NET – SQL Server – PL / SQL – PowerBuilder – Fox Pro Windows – Oracle – SQL Server – Delphi – HTML – Cobol – Cobol 400 – RPG 400 – Cobol VAX – among others.


Data Integration

Through ETL tools to extract, transform and load data between applications. We currently use POWERCENTER and GENTRAN for integration.

Data Integration and Business Intelligence

This service area is concerned of preparing management information and for this we use tools like COGNOS, QLIKVIEW, HYPERION ESSBASE, among others.


Corrective: Consists in rectifying installed system errors caused by a programming error of the source code lines.


Complementary – Perfective: Optimization of functionality or construction of new functions. Including analysis, redesign, code generation and testing of the resulting software.


Legal: In changes focused on software modification as a result of variations in legal regulations.


Data: Modification of registered information carried out through actions that are not foreseen or covered by the functionality of the systems, with the corresponding controls and authorizations. It does not imply Data Migration, since this activity is an independent project.


Evolutionary: : It implies software modifications due to variations in the technological platform used. It is generally caused by a lag of the technological platform. This entails changes in the communications or peripherals platform and, also, at the client and server equipment level.

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