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Given that we understand our clients according to the size, budget and complexity or simplicity of their business, sometimes it does not allow them to have their own DSC; BBT makes its DSC specialized in technology available to its clients.


The main focus of the service is to provide support, manage, and partially or fully control all the implemented technologies by us and by third parties (RPA, BI, SW itself, etc.).


With this technological focus of the DSC, we connect the strategic vision of the use of technology, not only with new implementations, but also with day-to-day operations, supporting in:


  • Best-Practices incorporation.
  • Support and training, focused on technologies.


With our support and with our multidisciplinary professionals we will navigate from your company strategy and will support you in your transit in what concerns the implementation and technological operation.

Based on our knowledge and experience we support your company to enter a continuous innovation process, evolution and success. Our DSC team is exclusively dedicated in support our clients and delivered services.



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Digital continuity service: on-demand

The objective of the “Digital Continuity Service on Demand” is to ensure operational continuity every time the client reports an incident by phone or email.

Digital continuity service: monitoring

The “Digital Continuity Monitoring Service” aims to anticipate and be able to attend any incident before the customer detects the problem, maintaining
stable and proactive operation.

Automated process management

The automated processes administration consists in delivering the total infrastructure adequate for the operation of each of the robots.

This service may include:

–        Equipment where the robot will be hosted.

–        Uipath licenses

–        Orchestrator

–        Escalation

–        Digital continuity monitoring service

–        Github, QA and Devops

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